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ERC20 token that can be minted, capped and expired

Updated 7 hours ago

CIC network smart contract interfaces

Updated 8 hours ago

Experimental custodial API

Updated 19 hours ago

A dialect filter for using chainlib-eth with celo

Updated 4 days ago

Custodial Registration Proxy Smart Contract

Updated 1 week ago

Chain events tracker and indexer

Updated 1 week ago

Top-level tools for the CIC evm contract suite

Updated 3 weeks ago

Generic cli tooling for the CIC token network

Updated 3 months ago

Stateful queueing engine for blockchain transactions

Updated 7 months ago

Ethereum signer and keystore implementation with jsonrpc signer daemon

Updated 8 months ago

Base classes for signers

Updated 8 months ago

Example code for caching evm transactions using chalinsyncer.

Updated 8 months ago

Code filters for use with cic chain trackers.

Updated 9 months ago

Chainsyncer implementation executing all actions downstream from chain events.

Updated 9 months ago

Registries for CIC using the address declarator backend

Updated 12 months ago

Generic blockchain access library and tooling

Updated 1 year ago

Ethereum implementation of the chainlib interface

Updated 1 year ago

Working repository for specifying CIC p2p data provisioning services

Updated 1 year ago

Generic blockchain syncer driver

Updated 1 year ago

A basic CLI interface for cic-stack CRM

Updated 1 year ago