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@ -15,8 +15,8 @@ Community Inclusion Currency (CIC) technology seeks to give organizations and co
+ [Preso](https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qLfNgIBkhnrxesAJd2Sn9eCxsAzctSqV/view?usp=sharing)
## CIC-Engine - Open source code
+ **CIC-Engine**, Top level code desctiption ([CIC Engine](https://gitlab.com/grassrootseconomics/cic-docs/-/blob/master/cic-engine.md))
## CIC-Commons - Open source code
+ **CIC-Charter**, Charter and top level code desctiption ([CIC Charter](https://gitlab.com/grassrootseconomics/cic-docs/-/blob/master/cic-charter.md))
+ **Base components**, containing all necessary provisions for services and tooling. ([Chaintools](https://gitlab.com/chaintool))
+ **Generic services components**, libraries, daemons and services making up the custodial engine. ([cicnet](https://gitlab.com/chaintool))
+ **Deployment components**, which facilitates deployment of the custodial engine, as well as seeding data for development, demonstration and migration. ([GrassrootsEconomics](https://gitlab.com/grassrootseconomics/))