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identifying MVP needs

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@ -4,16 +4,24 @@ This document describes the components and steps involved to create a CIC manage
1. Functions
1. Pin Reset Eventually Social -> Mgmt. USSD/Wallet Social Pin Reset (set friend(s) as guarantors)
1. Basic MVP Functions
1. Pin Reset. -> eventually USSD/Wallet Social Pin Reset (set friend(s) as guarantors)
1. Delete / Cancel users
1. Create new users
1. Searching for a user (clickable to see trades and other data)
1. Change user details, roles (group), locations, default tokens, auto-conversion
1. Disburse and reclaim tokens
1. Convert tokens
1. View transaction details (clickable / searchable) lists / dashboard
1. View transactions for whole system as they come in
1. View transaction details of a user (clickable / searchable) lists / dashboard
2. Advanced
1. Assigning admins/viewers .... permissions roles, phone support / super admin ... (see spec)
1. Mpesa integration - Currently USSD + Worker (API)
1. Send to external wallet address (can be CLI)
1. Special tables (sortable for volume, balances, pin reset needs)
1. Mpesa integration
1. Airtime integration
1. Airtime integration
1. Donor integration (Donor interfaces)
1. Hide PII data from Viewers - In general data protection
1. Enable KYC - storage of user data and photos (ID) and limit system usage without proper KYC