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Ethereum Network Intelligence API
[![Build Status][travis-image]][travis-url] [![dependency status][dep-image]][dep-url]
This is the backend service which runs along with ethereum and tracks the network status, fetches information through JSON-RPC and connects through WebSockets to [eth-netstats](https://github.com/cubedro/eth-netstats) to feed information. For full install instructions please read the [wiki](https://github.com/ethereum/wiki/wiki/Network-Status).
This is the backend service which runs along with ethereum nodes and tracks the network status, fetches information through JSON-RPC and connects through WebSockets to an [ethstats-server](https://github.com/goerli/ethstats-server) to feed information.
## Available dashboards
* https://ethstats.net
* https://stats.goerli.net
* https://kotti.goerli.net
* https://mordor.dash.fault.dev
* https://classic.dash.fault.dev
## Prerequisite
* eth, geth or pyethapp
* node
* npm
* client: geth, besu, nethermind, or openethereum
* reporting: node js, npm, and pm2
## Installation
## Installation on an Ubuntu EC2 Instance
Fetch and run the build shell. This will install everything you need: latest ethereum - CLI from develop branch (you can choose between eth or geth), node.js, npm & pm2.
Clone the repository, install node dependencies, and run the pm2 daemon.
bash <(curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/cubedro/eth-net-intelligence-api/master/bin/build.sh)
git clone https://github.com/goerli/ethstats-client.git
cd ethstats-client/
npm install
sudo npm install -g pm2
## Installation as docker container (optional)
There is a `Dockerfile` in the root directory of the repository. Please read through the header of said file for
instructions on how to build/run/setup. Configuration instructions below still apply.
## Configuration
Configure the app modifying [processes.json](/eth-net-intelligence-api/blob/master/processes.json). Note that you have to modify the backup processes.json file located in `./bin/processes.json` (to allow you to set your env vars without being rewritten when updating).
Configure the app modifying [app.json](/app.json).
"NODE_ENV" : "production", // tell the client we're in production environment
"RPC_HOST" : "localhost", // eth JSON-RPC host
"RPC_PORT" : "8545", // eth JSON-RPC port
"LISTENING_PORT" : "30303", // eth listening port (only used for display)
"INSTANCE_NAME" : "", // whatever you wish to name your node
"CONTACT_DETAILS" : "", // add your contact details here if you wish (email/skype)
"WS_SERVER" : "wss://rpc.ethstats.net", // path to eth-netstats WebSockets api server
"WS_SECRET" : "see http://forum.ethereum.org/discussion/2112/how-to-add-yourself-to-the-stats-dashboard-its-not-automatic", // WebSockets api server secret used for login
"VERBOSITY" : 2 // Set the verbosity (0 = silent, 1 = error, warn, 2 = error, warn, info, success, 3 = all logs)
"name" : "besu-goerli",
"script" : "app.js",
"log_date_format" : "YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm Z",
"merge_logs" : false,
"watch" : false,
"max_restarts" : 10,
"exec_interpreter" : "node",
"exec_mode" : "fork_mode",
"NODE_ENV" : "production",
"RPC_HOST" : "localhost",
"RPC_PORT" : "8545",
"LISTENING_PORT" : "30303",
"INSTANCE_NAME" : "My Besu Goerli Node 1337",
"CONTACT_DETAILS" : "goerli@example.com",
"WS_SERVER" : "ws://stats.goerli.net:3000",
Ask in Gitter for the secret: https://gitter.im/goerli/testnet
Available Websockets:
* `ws://ethstats.net:3000`
* `ws://stats.goerli.net:3000`
* `ws://kotti.goerli.net:3000`
* `ws://mordor.dash.fault.dev:3000`
* `ws://classic.dash.fault.dev:3000`
The secrets for Mordor, Kotti, Goerli, and Classic are the same. The Ethereum mainnet secret is different.
## Run
Run it using pm2:
cd ~/bin
pm2 start processes.json
pm2 start app.json
## Updating
To update the API client use the following command:
It will stop the current netstats client processes, automatically detect your ethereum implementation and version, update it to the latest develop build, update netstats client and reload the processes.
[travis-image]: https://travis-ci.org/cubedro/eth-net-intelligence-api.svg
[travis-url]: https://travis-ci.org/cubedro/eth-net-intelligence-api
[dep-image]: https://david-dm.org/cubedro/eth-net-intelligence-api.svg
[dep-url]: https://david-dm.org/cubedro/eth-net-intelligence-api