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rakita 27a0142af1
OpenEthereum rebranding (#31) 3 years ago
Afri Schoedon 7c335e8764
misc: bump license header to 2019 (#10135)
* misc: bump license header to 2019

* misc:

* misc: run license header script

* commit cargo lock
4 years ago
Afri Schoedon c658b46fe1
Random small cleanups (#9423)
* clean up toml files

* update the parity ethereum toolchain docs

* update contribution guide and issue templates

* update desktop and service files

* build clib examples with 8 threads

* update header templates

* replace parity technologies with parity ethereum logo
5 years ago
Niklas Adolfsson 98b7c07171 Update `license header` and `scripts` (#8666)
* Update `add_license` script

* run script

* add `remove duplicate lines script` and run it

* Revert changes `English spaces`

* strip whitespaces

* Revert `GPL` in files with `apache/mit license`

* don't append `gpl license` in files with other lic

* Don't append `gpl header` in files with other lic.

* re-ran script

* include c and cpp files too

* remove duplicate header

* rebase nit
5 years ago
Gav Wood 8404edb656 Fix whitespace (#4299)
* Fix whitespace.

* Update copyright years/owner.

* Push release only for tags.
6 years ago
Gav Wood 17cc2be4b5
Rename ethcore -> parity in license. 7 years ago
debris bc267f8412 prepare for adding licenses 7 years ago