Base classes for signers
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This package is written because at the time no good solution seemed to exist for solving the following combined requirements and issues:

  • A service has custody of its users' private keys.
  • The are a large number of private keys involved (hundreds of thousands and up).
  • Need to sign transactions conforming to EIP-155, with the ability to arbitrarily specify the "chain id".
  • Do not want to store the keys inside an ethereum node, especially not the one connected to the network.
  • Want to use the "standard" web3 JSON-RPC interface, so that the component can be easily replaced later.
  • Multiple providers don't work on either web3.js and/or
  • As a bonus, provide a practical keystore solution for testing in general for web3 projects.



When installed with pip/setuptools, this package provides a Unix socket IPC server as crypto-dev-daemon implementing the following web3 json-rpc methods:

  • web3.eth.personal.newAccount
  • web3.eth.personal.signTransaction
  • web3.eth.signTransaction


The classes and packages provided are:


  • Keystore: Interface definition
  • ReferenceKeystore: Implements the Keystore interface, with a postgresql backend expecting sql schema as defined in ReferenceKeystore.schema


  • Transaction: Interface definition.
  • EIP155Transaction: Creates transaction serializations appropriate for EIP155 replay protected signatures. Accepts a web3 format transaction dict as constructor argument together with nonce and optional chainId.


  • Signer: Interface definition. Its signTransaction method expects an object implementing the Transaction interface.
  • ReferenceSigner Implements Signer, accepting a single argument of type Keystore interface.


This software is in alpha state.

Current version is 0.2.5



No responsibility assumed for any use of this software. You're on your own, as usual.