Transaction data processing helper for chaind-eth
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Helper scripts for submitting erc20 transfers to chaind-eth queuer.

Currently it contains two scripts:

  • scripts/ - Generate signed ethereum transactions from input data in csv format
  • scripts/ - Submit signed transactions to the chaind-eth socket server


The expected CSV input format is:


The value can be an integer or a floating-point value.

Signed transactions will be written as individual files, as hex-encode byte literals. The file name will be prefixed with the transaction's position in the csv.

The output directory will be the concatenation of the --output and --session-id argument flags. If --output is not given, the default folder name will be ./output. If --session-id is not specified, a new uuid will be generated and used as the session id.

To verify the details of the generated transactions, the contents of the generated files can be piped to eth-decode. Note that the same fee price will be used for all generated transactions.


Invoke scripts/ on the output of

You may specify the input directory (that is, the output location used by as a single, optional positional argument to If omitted, the default value ./output will be used.

The --session-id argument is used both to create the input data path, aswell as the socket file for the chaind-eth server.

For example: If you invoke [...] --session-id foo ./bar then any files in ./bar/foo will be attempted processed as signed transactions. However, if you invoke [...] --session-id foo (omitting the positional argument), files in ./output/foo will be parsed.


The --session-id argument value should be the same as the corresponding value used when starting the chaind-eth socket server.

The default value of --fee-limit in is 8000000. If you are issuing transactions against a erc20 contract you do not fully know or trust, you may want to explicitly set this to a lower value.