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Ethereum Network Intelligence API

This is the backend service which runs along with ethereum nodes and tracks the network status, fetches information through JSON-RPC and connects through WebSockets to an ethstats-server to feed information.

Available dashboards


  • client: geth, besu, nethermind, or openethereum
  • reporting: node js, npm, and pm2


Clone the repository, install node dependencies, and run the pm2 daemon.

git clone
cd ethstats-client/
npm install
sudo npm install -g pm2


Configure the app modifying app.json.

    "name"              : "besu-goerli",
    "script"            : "app.js",
    "log_date_format"   : "YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm Z",
    "merge_logs"        : false,
    "watch"             : false,
    "max_restarts"      : 10,
    "exec_interpreter"  : "node",
    "exec_mode"         : "fork_mode",
      "NODE_ENV"        : "production",
      "RPC_HOST"        : "localhost",
      "RPC_PORT"        : "8545",
      "LISTENING_PORT"  : "30303",
      "INSTANCE_NAME"   : "My Besu Goerli Node 1337",
      "CONTACT_DETAILS" : "",
      "WS_SERVER"       : "ws://",
      "WS_SECRET"       : "XXXXXXXXXX",
      "VERBOSITY"       : 2

Ask in Gitter for the secret:

Available Websockets:

  • ws://
  • ws://
  • ws://
  • ws://
  • ws://

The secrets for Mordor, Kotti, Goerli, and Classic are the same. The Ethereum mainnet secret is different.


Run it using pm2:

pm2 start app.json